Updating kernel with slackpkg

01-Feb-2018 17:46

This will give you a chance of configuring the program and setting the package states properly without making serious mistakes. Having the GPG key is required, and it should be safe to do this step even if the key is already in your key ring.

You can also get the key from the Slackware CD or DVD.

You could continue to use it by marking it as foreign if you wish. A foreign package will be marked as installed or outdated if it ever appears in a remote tree, usually becoming a candidate for upgrading. You could still use your own version instead of the remote one by marking it as frozen. It needs a mirror, which is a URL pointing to a replica of the official Slackware package tree for the Slackware version you’re using.

There can be only one mirror and it’s selected with the slackroll is a self-contained Python script released to the public domain.

A package is in this state when it’s present in a remote tree and it wasn’t present before.

If you detect you have packages in this state you should decide if you want to install them or mark them as not installed.

Note this program is no longer maintained as of 2015-02-19.

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If you have a Slackware system mainly composed of official packages, unofficial packages and a few custom packages, Each package is in one of several possible states.Regarding customized versions of official packages, there are at least three ways of dealing with them.Some people prefer to give them version names that match the official ones, despite being customized builds, and keep them in the installed state.In most cases, you can also mark any unavailable packages as foreign.

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However, the number of foreign packages is usually quite low, and forgetting to uninstall a package which has been removed is a very common mistake, so my advice is to review the list of unavailable packages by hand, detecting which ones may not be foreign packages and need to be uninstalled.

), you can in most cases blindly mark all new packages as not installed.

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