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22-Jul-2017 07:12

He'd have his "Deadwood" DVDs and they'd watch them in the lounge. There wasn't anybody on that set who wasn't wonderful.

But if you had that degree in comparative literature, you could get all of the allusions and stuff that are buried in it. I would go back to "Deadwood" in a heartbeat." data-reactid="300"Geri Jewell: Oh, are you kidding?

The characters were so complex, so vivid, and so not black-and-white.

There was so much nuance to life therein and to the complexities of the morality of that place, or the lack thereof. There's stuff that's being done now on American television that has benefited greatly from the ground that was broken by Milch and company on that show." data-reactid="279"Keith Carradine: What Milch did there, and what everyone involved did there, will stand for years as something that's really extraordinary.

But I was younger and you think things like that, like, "Well, I'm blue-collar, and no one's going to buy me as a blah, blah, blah."" data-reactid="282"Garret Dillahunt: [Francis Wolcott] was a much more complex character. But two years ago, if you had asked me if the movies would happen, I'd have said, "Yup, we're going to get a movie made." Now, I don't think that'll ever happen. I was just at a baby shower for Maggie Siff from "Sons of Anarchy." Dayton Callie and I were talking.

My best friend growing up was a truck driver, and it was big in truck stops.