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18-Oct-2017 16:19

A young nurse that had worked two doubles in a row and used adderall to keep her going made a boneheaded mistake after George had a routine surgery.

It caused an embolism which lead to him dying of a stroke.

I've got a pretty normal-looking vagina (in my opinion) with inner lips that poke out a tiny bit, but I have an overly large clitoris that's shaped like a tiny little dick. Except that when I get aroused, i can "allow" my clit-dick to swell to many times it's size.

Just under nine inches, and thick enough my thumb and forefinger can barely touch when it's fully engorged.

Part of why I say George was one-of-a-kind is how he responded to finding out my secret.

I hid the fact that I'm a futa from him when we started dating, but he caught me with my cock out one time when I was masturbating, and instead of being disgusted or freaked out, he was intrigued.

In the process, I got very good and within a few years was giving him a run for his money.

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I just smiled knowingly and watched them walk towards the back of the house and the bedrooms. Not that I minded that much - I think I look great in the mirror at 150lbs. Think Christina Hendricks, but with short kinky blonde hair and long muscular legs.Claire had the thick rimmed plastic glasses that were popular these days - and as far from cool as you could get back when I was in high school.

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Studying these findings has enabled researchers to learn the basics of the Etruscan language, although long texts describing the finer points of this ancient culture have remained conspicuously absent from the body of archaeological evidence.… continue reading »

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