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As the great ice sheets melted and sea levels rose, Santarosae became four islands.

During the Terminal Pleistocene, the fauna on the islands included a number of animals which would go extinct: a giant mouse (Peromyscus nesodytes), a flightless goose or scoter (Chendytes lawi), and a pygmy mammoth (Mammuth exiliis). Human occupation on the Channel Islands has been dated to more than 13,000 years ago.

The earliest people on the Channel Islands are often called the Paleocoastal Peoples and their presence on the island at this time lends support to the hypothesis that the ancient people arrived in the Americas by boat.

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Orr during more than three decades of work as Curator of Anthropology and Paleontology at the Santa Barbara Museum of Natural History was his 1959 find of three ancient human bones found buried 30 feet deep in the side wall of Arlington Canyon on Santa Rosa Island.The new studies determined that the remains were female rather than male and that they were about 13,000 years old. John Johnson, Curator of Anthropology, Santa Barbara Museum of Natural History: “This woman’s presence on an island at this early date is significant, because it demonstrates that the earliest Paleo-Indians had watercraft necessary to cross the Santa Barbara Channel.” above the layer of soil in which the remains of Arlington Woman (originally called Arlington Man) were found is a distinctive layer dated to about 12,900 years ago that is linked to the extraterrestrial event that caused an abrupt climate change resulting in the extinction of the Pleistocene megafauna and the end of Clovis culture.By about 12,000 years ago, people were occupying the Cardwell Bluffs sites near the east end of San Miguel Island.John Johnson, re-analyzed the Arlington Springs remains using modern techniques of radiocarbon dating.

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At this same time, the original site was relocated and re-studied.During the end of the Pleistocene, when Arlington Springs Man lived, the sea level was at least 150 feet lower than it is today and the Northern Channel Islands were joined as one island.